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Your Tactical Ninja Sales Force

Trained by the internet elders. Ninja Sales Group offers unmatched knowledge in online marketing tactics. We are well versed in social martial arts are prepared for the most challenging opponents from facebook, twitter, pintrest, and beyond. Combine this with our deadly SEO skills, and all foes who get in our way shall be quickly thwarted. We perfectly time our attacks for ultimate efficiency.Let our team of technical ninjas help ease the burden of your small business.


Graphic Design

We provide over 10 Graphic Creation tools to satisfy all of your visual content needs in a snap. From Banners to Buttons.

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Top Marketing Tools

We have the best SEO and Marketing Tools too show you what your website and the market are really doing. Giving you the most useful metrics.

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Social Automation

We can help truly automate your social media accounts. Imagine a world full of effortless tweets and pins. Let us ease your Social Media burden.

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We've Got You Covered

Rest easy knowing our support is there to help guide you through all your web challenges.

Creating Responsive Store Fronts Starting Social Media Presence Assisting Affiliate Programs Branding & Marketing Products
The Ninjas

Customer Service Agents

Always available to answer any questions. Those in the customer service role always have an open ear to what ever challenges you are currently facing.

Web Administrators

Those that keep the lights running through each dark night. Our web admins ensure our clients web sites and campaigns are always up and running no matter circumstance.

Graphic Designers

For creating the sharpest ads and social media profiles, our graphic designers are always working to ensure things are aesthetically pleasing as they can be.

Content Writers

We have writers on hand ready if when you face your worst cases of writers block. Don't let a creative block get in the way of productivity.


We are currently available for projects, please feel free to reach out to us.

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