3 Steps For Providing Amazing Customer Service


Everyone loves great customer service, but what is it that really makes an interaction with customer service great? Today we have put together three simple steps you may follow with any customer interaction to provide better quality service. These steps sound simple because they are; however, many companies and customer service representatives just do not follow the basics needed.



The first rule may sound easy, but it is often overlooked. That is simply to listen to the customer speaking to you. If they have taken the time to reach out, there is surely a reason.

Even if someone seems to be sidetracked by another issue, taking the time to listen to their situation often allows you to guide them to a possible solution. Always be ready to direct someone’s needs where they are most appropriate.


Once you have heard the customers issue, be sure to empathize from their perspective. If they are angry, it is most likely due to the circumstance of this issue. If the issue is outside your control, try to fully understand the frustration and impact the situations causes for your client.


Once you’ve fully listened the concern being raised and placed yourself in the perspective of the customer, respond to them in a wholehearted manner. Now that you understand how they are feeling, you may best explain the situation back to them and better guide them on the best actions available moving forward.

I know you thinking there must be more to it. Do you remember the last time you were on the phone with someone trying to get help but they just were not listening? You had a great time during that call. I know because I have dealt with many calls just like that. There is no reason for it though. Just teach your staff these simple steps and everything else will fall into place.