Advantages of Using ThriveCart



Sure, everyone loves to thrive, but what exactly is it about ThriveCart that make is so Amazing? Well, most cart systems are designed to serve 101 purposes, and they only serve them with mediocrity. ThriveCart is designed with a few concepts in mind but absolutely excels at what it’s designed for.

The checkout system was created with these three major ideas in mind. The idea of creating the best experience when checking out to maximize conversion, providing a drop in affiliate system to allow affiliate promotion, and integrating as many useful API services as possible to make the platform more flexible. When you combine these you get high converting checkout pages which can be easily promoted and automated for almost any product or client.

Who Should Use ThriveCart?

The system is certainly designed with the online marketer in mind. If you have a handful of products or services offered by you or your clients, ThriveCart is the perfect way to provide a simple checkout for each one. It allows you to quickly integrate into Zapier and a large number of mailing services. It will manage all of your sales and recurring payments for subscription services. It will handle off of the SSL and security issues that come with handling sensitive checkout information. There’s really a simple checkout format for almost any product. Those who manage a large number of individual products across multiple markets will be extremely satisfied with ThriveCart. It can handle almost any situation.

A better question is who shouldn’t use ThriveCart?


The big disadvantage to this cart system is there is no cart! That’s right, there really isn’t a cart system in place. What I mean by that is you can only order one product a time. You can order any quantity of that product you like, but if you want to sell Shakes, Burgers, and Fries, for instance, it will be cumbersome for your customers to need to check out three separate times. Those running stores with multiple products won’t benefit much from ThriveCart. It is designed for creating an automated check-out for individual products and services. If ordering one product at a time is ok, the rest of the system will make your heart sing.




So About Those Integrations…

As we mentioned, the system has the ability the integrate with a huge number of Mailing List and other services. The Development team is always working to further expand the list, they pride themselves on integrating with more systems than anyone else. I have provided a screenshot of the Auto Responders as well as a full list of integrations below. With Zapier and all these othe services available, you can surely meet any need you might have.

Auto Responders

Full List of Integrations



Any autoresponders (using HTML)



Digital Access Pass




Google Sheets



iPhone/ApplePay (payments)





Member Mouse











Wishlist Member



Other Great Benefits

That’s right. There’s more! ThriveCart is amazing for those providing subscription services. It will handle your monthly invoicing not to mention keep track of all your current subscription revenue. You may automate the removal from one product when upgrading to another as well.

And, last but certainly not least A/B testing is also included in the platform. Being able to tell what’s converting and what just isn’t working will never cease to be a vital asset. Split testing this way can be difficult for beginners to set up, but it is extremely simple within ThriveCart.

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