All About SEOClerks – A Quick and Simple Guide


How Does SEOClerks Work?

SEOCerks by ionicware simply operates as an online marketplace. Rather than offering SEO services themselves, ionicware have set up the website as a hub for entrepreneurs and web specialist to provide various relevant SEO services to one another.

The market removes physical boundaries and includes many sellers from all around the world. You will see an interesting mix of demographics, niches, and skillsets which are available and can be found using the website. Skill level and price points also vary widely across the site. Many members are also open to trading services rather than just selling services as well.

The site works as a mostly free market with few restrictions on services offered. Each transaction can receive positive or negative feedback to keep sellers accountable and allow some marketers to earn lasting reputations for providing continually excellent service. Similar to eBay but without all the crazy bidding wars.


How To Sell and Make Money on SEOClerks

As you might expect, the first step to making money on SEOClerks is creating an account. There is no difference between buyer and seller accounts. There are also no fees for creating and listing services, so feel free to get started if you have an idea. Your account will also work on all of the Ionicware’s other markets such as WordClerks and PixelClerks as well.

Once you’ve created your account, you must then go to Sell a Service under Seller and Sell to begin creating your first service. Enter the details of your service and be sure to have a picture to go along with your service as well. Once created, anytime someone orders you will automatically receive the funds to your SEOClerks account.

Once you’ve got the ball rolling, you’ll want to see which services are most popular and attracting the most traffic. You may see all your statistics including view and conversions for the services you offer by going to Manage -> My Services You may also quickly edit and bump your services from this page.

How To Withdraw Money From SEOClerks

Once your service is flying out the doors, you may begin wondering how you get the money you’ve been earning. Ionicware has made this quite easy. You simply go to Balance under your profile and click the “Withdrawl Balance” button on the top right.

You will need to have some accepted form of payout setup for your account. If you have not already associated your PayPal or Payza account, then you may do so by going to Your Profile Settings and updating your details. You should then be able to receive the funds on your account; however, you can also easily use them towards the purchase of other services as well.


What Should Service Should I Sell?

Standard offerings on the SEOClerks market include help with social media outlets of all kinds such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

There are also a large number of specialty services such as writing with very particular niches or providing Art within an individual style. You will also see many endorsements and targetted traffic services on SEOClerks which perform well and are highly valued. Many also produce software for marketers and offer it for sale; however, the CodeClerks site is more appropriate if you are a software designer.

Who Owns SEOClerks?
Is SEOClerks A Scam or Safe?

SEOClerks and the various other network sites are all owned by Ionicware Inc. out of Hendersonville, North Carolina. While not accredited, they have maintained a high rating with the Better Business Bureau.

It is important to remember that Ionicware Inc. is not the one offering the services. There are certainly some scammers hiding around on the market though most will perform what they state. It’s up to you to do your due diligence to ensure everything was conducted as described. SEOClerks does a lot to help protect you when purchasing these services; however, you must still do your part and ensure you notice issues with work performed. Do not leave a review until your job has been completed by the contractor.

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