Building Your Own Website


So, you have your new product that you’re ready to show the world, but how do you actually go about showing the world? The easiest solution today is with a simple website that reflects what you have to offer.

You’ve heard of WordPress and it seems like everyone out there has their own “Easy” website builder, but how easy and effective are those builders anyways? The truth is most website builders reuse code which can affect your overall web ranking. Not to mention they tend to look generic and unprofessional. So, while these may help get a site created, you still end up investing time into learning to use software you’ll outgrow as your business develops.

Using WordPress can be a great option considering that it’s free and open source; however, many small business owners simply do not have the time to learn the ins and outs of using WordPress. Luckily once initially created, it’s fairly easy to learn how to manage your content. This option is great for those just wanting to make a blog or post occasional company updates.

Buiding your pages from scratch is always an option, but this tends to have a higher learning curve. Programs such as Kompozer are popular when needing to create a web page yourself.

Having a website gives you a central hub for all your online branding. Your social media accounts will push their SEO ranking power to your website once they’ve been associated. There’s no doubting the power having a site holds in today’s digital marketplace.


Even if you do not want to design the website yourself, when building your site there are some basic things you will need to have prepared. Having these things done will save you and your web designer frustration when working together.

The first thing is the pictures of course! No matter what project or business you plan on placing online, people will want to see it. In order to cover all of the various webpage, multiple pictures will be needed. Gather any photos of your logo, workspace, employees, clients, ect.

The next thing you will want is your business descriptions. Every business needs an about us page, but what content fills that page up? Write up at least a few paragraphs detailing what your business is all about. That information can then be used on various pages through the site. Don’t forget to include your contact information and business hours!

If your business has a particular color theme they follow, don’t forget to mention this to your designer as well. There’s nothing quite as conflicting and time wasting as seeing an amazing mockup in your competitor’s coat of arms.

Don’t let all this overwhelm you. Getting your website created is very important. We’re here to help make it as stress-free as possible. Reaching out today, so we can make arrangements to get your business website up and running.