Why Do I Need An SSL Certificate?

Someone told you your website is insecure and can’t be trusted by its visitors!  If it hasn’t happened yet, it will if you’re not already using HTTPS.  That is what the heart of all this SSL non-sense comes down to.  If you do a bit of googling, you can find lots of in-depth information on the […]

Why Website Optimization Is Important

Website optimization is absolutely crucial in today’s marketplace. Many business owners think their website is good enough; however, they do not take into consideration that even minor flaws can have chain reactions ending with thousands of visitors being sent to your competition. Don’t be one of those uninformed business owners who have no idea what’s […]

WebARX Web Firewall Now Included

Security is always a huge concern when it comes to anything regarding technology in modern times.  The issue with web security is that most plugins either don’t offer much protection or worse…  They try to do everything you could possibly imagine and cause numerous performance issues.  Trying to find the balance of proper protection and […]