Report Creation & Analysis


Every business and situation is unique but there’s one thing that remains constant in today’s world. Data. We can help you capture the valuable data you need and process it into reports that are actually useful for you to put into action. […]

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Google Maps SEO


You need to be found when people put your name into Google maps. Don’t get lost amongst all of the other business and options available. Allow us to help you ensure your business is easily found and you’re always first when people put in your name. Don’t believe us? Search Ninaj Sales Group on Google […]

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Web & Mobile Applications

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Allow us to create the next user experience for your employees & customers. Having the right online application can save enormous amounts of time when implemented correctly. We’ve worked within the web hosting industry for over 5 years and know all the end and outs to not only creating your applications but ensuring they stay […]

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