Have you ever been on a road trip, traveled across the city, or even just gone to the grocery store?  Chances are you’ve seen a billboard then because they are everywhere.  The name comes from the term “Billing Board” which basically is a physical sign that can be rented for a period of time.  Anywhere there is a good amount of vehicle or foot traffic you will generally find billboards available.  From the rural countryside highways right down to the square of big cities.

That’s right.  Billboard advertising is more or less just renting sign space; however, renting sign space isn’t as simple as it sounds at first.  You must determine the value of the billboard you are renting.  Generally, billboard contract run for several months at a time, so you need to make sure you get the best location and price before being locked in.  If you don’t get it right you will end up waiting a long time before you can try again.


What To Consider

  1. Total Volume – You’ll want to have a good idea of how much traffic passes by the billboard on any given day.  The more people who pass your ad, the more chances you have to make new impressions.
  2. Visibility – Even if thousands pass by your sign, it won’t matter if it can’t be seen.  Be sure to evaluate visibility and how many people will actually be called to your sign as well.
  3. Demographics – You will also want to consider the demographics of those passing by.  Are they young, old, rich, or poor?  These factors and more will determine your conversion rates and cost of placing your billboard ad.


Costs Involved

Outside of the costs of renting the billboard space, you also have the costs for creating your billboard.  Most billboards cost $200-$800 to create.  Depending on the size of your ad and your creativity, the cost may be able to be lowered.  Don’t hesitate to spend a little bit more on your sign though.  Anything which can make your board stick in the mind of those passing by the better.

You can avoid the physical creation costs after designing a high definition image if within an area offering digital billboards; however, the cost associated with using digital billboards to display your ads is much higher.


What Goes On The Board?

Unless you are in an area with foot traffic that stands around waiting in line, the average person will only see your sign for 3 to 4 seconds.  This means your billboard needs to be eye-catching and deliver a quick direct message.  Do not spend the time to explain your product, direct them to a simple call to action that will do that for you.  Bright colors and anything that can make your ad pop are also recommended.  A bit of humor never hurts either.  Don’t be afraid to tap into your creative side.


Does Billboard Advertising Work?

When executed properly it can be amazingly effective; however, there are many factors to consider when trying to begin a billboard marketing campaign. Even the best marketing techniques fail when they are poorly executed.  Just be sure to take all things into consideration then reap the rewards of your hard work.

If you would like help navigating these concerns, we’re always happy to help small business with any online or offline marketing need they may have.  Don’t hesitate to reach out via our website or Facebook page.