Why Website Optimization Is Important


Website optimization is absolutely crucial in today’s marketplace. Many business owners think their website is good enough; however, they do not take into consideration that even minor flaws can have chain reactions ending with thousands of visitors being sent to your competition.

Don’t be one of those uninformed business owners who have no idea what’s happening to their virtual real estate. You’ll want to ensure that your website follows all of the current W3 web standards. Even minor configuration issues, such as with SSL Certificates, can have devastating effects on your ranking.

Currently, the hottest topic is SSL certificates. Everyone wants an SSL certificate to secure their web pages since Google has announced this will have positive SEO value moving forward in the future. Hopefully, you have a host who provides free SSL certificates through the Let’s Encrypt project automatically. If you don’t, you should reach out to us about switching host or complain to your current web hosts. Paid SSL Certificates are also an option, but who wants to pay for that when you can avoid it?

The next thing you will want to verify is that your website is responsive. This means that is will adjust to the various types of mobile devices which exist. This is very important for ranking in today’s world filled with tablets and smartphones in every hand.

Having a responsive website is not something you can just turn on and off with a simple setting. It’s something that must be included in the design of the website from the ground up. That is why we always start all of our client websites from the base of a responsive website design. This ensures that our websites look amazing no matter what device is used. We are more than welcome to test your website for you if you are unsure if it uses responsive design.

There are still hundreds of other factors that go into properly auditing a website for potential issues and optimizing its SEO. There are always new features being used to better optimize SEO as well. Hire us to help manage all of the particulars and rest easy knowing your site is as optimized as it can be.